Welcome to the Shim Sham Life family of websites! Why don't we tell you more about us?

* Who?

The folks who bring you ShimShamLife.com and its family of websites are six eclectic individuals with one thing in common: we LOVE life! And we love writing! We love research! And we love shopping online! Heck, we love shopping period! And we love researching to death when we shop! HECK - we just love researching, analyzation, and being detailed...period! And we decided as a group to do what we love and make it into a family of websites for everyone to use!







* What?

ShimShamLife.com is being developed an overall wellness site and we plan to write and discuss all about not just life, but LIVING. We also plan to be the parent of a family of websites related to products and niches listed below.

Our common theme: SHOPPING!

Our goal: Relevant reviews and news of products that interest all of us!!

Please visit our kids!!

Shim Sham Fit - JUST LAUNCHED!!

Shim Sham Kitchen

Shim Sham Baby - (coming soon)

with more to come!!

* When?

We have been in strategic planning and development for nearly a year.. and we have finally launched the two of our three planned websites: Shim Sham Kitchen (reviews and news of all things kitchen related) and Shim Sham Fit (reviews and news of all things health and fitness related). Look for more awesome site launches soon!

* Where?

Being the eclectic group of individuals we are, we actually met online at some networking sites (forums) and work together remotely! If anything, we would say we are based out of Southern California since that is where our main tech guy (Ben) lives and the hosting company he uses for all of our cool stuff is also based out there with him.

So there you go!

* Why?

We love shopping, we love research, we love detail, and we love being on the internet.

So why not?

* How?

Any questions on "how" .... ask our tech guy Ben!

and finally........

You must be asking yourself...

"So what's with the name .. 'Shim Sham'?"

Interestingly ..maybe not surprisingly.. coming up with a name and a brand took a long time. Likea really long time. Finally, it was our tech guy Ben who came up with the name "Shim Sham". (By the way, our tech guy Ben is a world champion swing and jazz dancer!!). Ben proceeded to explain what a "Shim Sham" is and why the name fit us, and we fell in love withit! Here's his explanation:

"A Shim Sham is a line dance from the 1930s.

At that time in history in the United States, dance as an American art form exploded with the popularity of the Charleston, Lindy Hop, Tap, Solo Jazz, and many more. While these dances differed in style and steps, they had a common bond in swing music.

The Shim Sham was a line dance that was invented by famous band leader Willie Bryant and famous tap dancer Leonard Reed for the purpose of bringing together all these dancers. It was a solo dance where dancers all danced the same steps, and yet it each dancer could make it his and her own by adding different stylings and movements to the steps. So you would see hundreds of dancers doing a Shim Sham, but each brought their own flavor from their own discipline of dance."

We realized that the Shim Sham to us is a great philosophy of life: similar to how the Shim Sham steps are the same for everyone, the world and universe provided in our lives is the same for everyone, and at the same time we are all individuals with different and wonderful backgrounds. Being an "eclectic group of six", we realize how important it is that we should let our differences shine - so we can celebrate both the one world we belong to as well as the individuality and uniqueness we all have!

It's Not Just Life - It's Living!

Thanks for visiting!

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